To the right we provide access to several measures that were developed by members of the EPL and are often requested by other researchers. A short description of each measure, the appropriate citation and a downloadable PDF of the measure are provided. These measures are in the public domain. Please feel free to use them in your own research. We would appreciate notification/reprints of any publication using our measures.

Multidimensional Outcome Expectations for Exercise Scale (MOEES)

The Multidimensional Outcome Expectations for Exercise Scale is used to assess three related, but conceptually independent domains of outcome expectations for exercise (i.e., physical, social, and self-evaluative outcome expectations). For each item, participants indicate the degree to which they agree with each statement (e.g., "Exercise will increase my muscle strength") on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). Each dimension is scored by summing the numerical ratings for each response. Higher scores are indicative of higher levels of outcome expectations for exercise.

Original Citation

Wójcicki, T. R., White, S. W., & McAuley, E. (2009). Assessing outcome expectations in older adults: The Multidimensional Outcome Expectations for Exercise Scale. Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 64B(1), 33-40.