To the right we provide access to several measures that were developed by members of the EPL and are often requested by other researchers. A short description of each measure, the appropriate citation and a downloadable PDF of the measure are provided. These measures are in the public domain. Please feel free to use them in your own research. We would appreciate notification/reprints of any publication using our measures.

Self-Efficacy for Walking Scale - Duration (SEW_Dur)

The Self-Efficacy for Walking Scale - Duration is a measure to determine participants’ beliefs in their physical capability to successfully complete incremental 5-minute intervals (5 to 40 minutes) at a moderately fast pace. For each item, participants indicate their confidence to execute the behavior on a 100-point percentage scale comprised of 10-point increments, ranging from 0% (not at all confident) to 100% (highly confident). Total strength for each measure of self-efficacy is then calculated by summing the confidence ratings and dividing by the total number of items in the scale, resulting in a maximum possible efficacy score of 100.

Original Citation

McAuley, E., Blissmer, B., Katula, J., & Duncan, T. E. (2000). Exercise environment, self-efficacy, and affective responses to acute exercise in older adults. Psychology and Health, 15, 341-357.