Diane Ehlers

Curriculum Vitae

Phone: (217) 244 - 8997

Email: dkehlers@illinois.edu


The overarching goal of Diane’s research is to improve individuals’ health and quality of life through participation in physical activity. Diane’s research interests include the examination of interactions among physical activity, cognitive and physical function, psychosocial states (self-efficacy, self-esteem), and quality of life in aging adults and cancer patients and survivors. Using ecological momentary assessment for her dissertation study, Diane explored the influence of self-worth on daily variations in middle-aged women’s physical activity. Her current research examines relationships between aerobic physical activity and cognitive function in breast cancer patients and survivors.


Diane completed her Ph.D. in Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Wellness at Arizona State University. She completed her M.A. and B.A. in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.