Graduate Study

If you are a current or prospective graduate student (master or doctoral) and interested in working with Dr. Neha Gothe, send an email with your CV to
Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Neha Gothe prior to applying to study in the EPL. Such communication will allow for clarification of issues regarding the research agenda of the EPL, potential for funding, and other questions that the prospective applicant might have. Applications are considered at any time of the year. Currently, all graduate students in the EPL are funded on research and/or teaching assistantships and receive a tuition waiver. If possible, applicants are strongly recommended to visit the UIUC campus prior to applying for graduate study.

Students accepted into the graduate program will be given numerous opportunities to be involved in research, to teach, write and present posters and papers at professional conferences, and be exposed to the process of grant writing. It is expected that students will be actively involved in scholarly research ranging from conducting literature reviews, study development and conceptualization, Institutional Review Board policies and regulations, advertising and recruitment of participants, delivery of exercise programs and behavior change training, data collection and management, analyses and manuscript writing. Studies conducted in the EPL range from randomized controlled trials to survey research, depending on the research objective. The EPL presents research at a variety of national and international conferences including the annual meetings of: Society of Behavioral Medicine, International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health. Symposium for Yoga Research, American College of Sports Medicine, Gerontological Society of America,
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