EPL Publications and Questionnaires


In the list below, we provide access to several measures that were developed by members of the EPL and are often requested by other researchers. A short description of each measure, the appropriate citation and a downloadable PDF of the measure are provided. These measures are in the public domain. Please feel free to use them in your own research. We would appreciate notification/reprints of any publication using our measures.


MPlus File Creator (Version 2): Jason Fanning & Edward McAuley (2014)

This tool (created for computers running 64-bit Windows) quickly processes .dat or .csv files for use with the statistics package MPlus. Please read the Readme file included in the package.

Click here to download as a .zip file for 64-bit Windows

Suggested Citation:
Fanning, J., & McAuley, E. Released 2014. MPlus File Creator for Windows, Version 2.0. Urbana, IL: Exercise Psychology Lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.